Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday! 9/16/88

On September 16, 1988:

*The Grateful Dead played a sold-out show at Madison Square Garden (see the set list here)
*Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses was the number one song in America
*Moon Over Parador, starring Richard Dreyfuss, Sonia Braga, and Raul Julia, was raking in 11 mil at the box office
*The 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Korea, were about to begin.

I also wrote in my diary that day! Here's what was going on in my 13-year-old life (with footnotes, of course).

Dear Diary,

(actually written in all caps) FRED* IS A JERK! I WANT TO KICK HIM IN THE ASS! You see, I'm mad at him. He thinks I prank his friends just because I gave Rob's # to Michelle*. I GIVE UP ALREADY! Maybe if Fred's attitude changes, I'll like him again. Until then, he's a jackass. We are NOT speaking to each other, except Hi.* Now, I like my buddy Chris George.* He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE! DAMN CUTE!

Today, Chrissy, Michelle and I went to a restaurant called The Carousel.* The roast beef chopper guy was cute. Then we went to the mall. We made a music video at Soundtrax.* It was fun! Well I gotta run.


PS: I <3 Chris George

PPS: The roast beef guy was at the mall, too!

PPPS: The song was "Angel" by Madonna

*Fred was one of the boys in my neighborhood, and I was in love with him for like, four years. If I were to compare him to one of today's teen heartthrobs, I'd say he looked like Leonardo Dicaprio circa his Growing Pains days, but a lot more of a jock. Fred and I used to hang out a lot in the summer, and his wardrobe was practically all surfer-wear from OP. He wore a Swatch, and would take it off three times a day to monitor his tan line. He also was a bit of a troublemaker and rode a skateboard. Are you in love with him yet?

*Michelle was Fred's younger cousin, and I was pretty tight with her. She was a little shy, but very sweet, and Fred picked on her relentlessly. For some reason, that never changed my opinion of him. Until this big incident with Rob that is! I guess Rob was Fred's friend, and Michelle liked him a lot, and I had Rob's phone number somehow so I gave it to Michelle. Then Rob told Fred he was getting a lot of crank calls, and this was blamed on me because I gave Rob's number to Michelle. Dah! The travesty!

*I'm really glad that even though I was pissed at Fred, I was still courteous enough to say Hi to him. I was such a classy chick!

*Chris George was another boy from the hood. Instead of a skateboard, he rode a Schwinn. He was really tall and way too old for me, but he was super adorable and very crush-worthy. He didn't have the same edge as Fred did, though. Heart-throb comparison: Chris Klein in Election. Chris George never saw me as anything but a little kid, but watching him ride his Schwinn around was the highlight of my life back then.

*The Carousel was basically Old Country Buffet. The food spun around in circles under these bright heatlamps, and apparently they hired cute teenage boys to cut meat there and flirt with preteen girls. Not a bad idea, I guess. Just look at the dudes from Abercrombie & Fitch!

*Soundtrax was basically this recording studio at the mall where you could either get an audio cassette tape made of you singing a song, or record an actual video of you, pretending to be in a band. My friends and I saved up a lot of allowance money to make a video. I think we chose Angel by Madonna because I was going to be lead singer and the key of the song was in my pathetically small range. Anyway, we dressed up in boas and danced around and laughed hysterically.

God, I wish I still had that tape! I wonder how many YouTube hits it would have recieved.  :)

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