Friday, November 12, 2010

Flashback Friday--January 17, 1987

On January 17, 1987:

*Shake You Down by Gregory Abbott was the #1 slow jam in America.

*Critical Condition, starring the late and great Richard Pryor, raked in lots of dough at the box office, despite mixed reviews by Siskel and Ebert.

*President Reagan signed a secret order permitting covert sale of arms to Iran. (Oh snap!)

*Mike Ditka threatened to resign as coach of the Chicago Bears, even though he led the team to the Super Bowl championship in 1985.

I also wrote in my diary that day! Let's see what my eleven year old self had to say.

Dear Diary,

Sorry for not writing for a while. I’ve been really busy. I’ve been sick and I still am looking for Mr. Right.*

You know, Matt?* Well I think this girl Heather, she’s on my squad, likes him, or feels sorry for him. He’s got MS. Oh well, I still think he’s cute.* But maybe he’s taken. You never know.

Well, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Your friend,


PS: We had a game and we lost. I didn’t mind. I was watching Matt.*

* Still looking for Mr. Right? I was ELEVEN. How long could I have been actually looking? A couple of weeks, tops. Also, good to know that even at that age, being really "busy" interfered with my journal writing--I continue to use that excuse today!

Don't wake me up 'cuz I'm dreamin'...

*Okay, here's the details on Matt. He was a second-string basketball player on our pathetic middle school team and I don't think I ever spoke to him. All I remember was that he was very tall and resembled the lead singer on that cheesy-but-awesome teen TV show California Dreams (which I watched religiously every Saturday morning, even though it was a blatant rip-off of Saved by the Bell). While I was on the cheerleading squad, Matt clearly didn't know I was alive, mostly because this Heather chick would pretty much pounce on him every chance she got. (No, I'm not bitter!)

*I love how the only thing I cared about when it came to Matt's degenerative illness, was that the disease had not affected his cuteness. I mean, when you're hot, nothing else matters right?

*After reading my post-script, I'm surprised I didn't turn into a stalker.

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