Friday, July 9, 2010

Author Photo Shoot Outtakes

Back in May, my college friend Eugene Prahin (and his beautiful wife Emilia) spent the day taking pictures of me near Columbus Circle and in Central Park. It was a lot of fun, yet somewhat exhausting. Euge kept asking me to "look/pose/act different" in every shot, and I just couldn't do anything but smile the same way each time. Tyra Banks is right--modeling IS hard!

Anyway, Euge did an amazing job and I had a ton of really nice photos to choose from. However, there were some pics that were not so flattering, and there were some I just couldn't use for one reason or another. So I thought it might be cool to share a few with you, plus add a teeny bit of commentary, of course. Okay, here we go!

I believe the direction here was "do something flashy." This is all I could come up with. Nice, huh?

I was told to "look like you wrote a sexy vampire book." Hmmmm....not quite.
This was my brilliant idea. I was supposed to be fish balloon. But instead I just appear to be mentally insane.
Okay, Euge actually asked those two breakdancers in the background if I could bust some moves on their dance mat. There was no music. I looked ridiculous and tourists started taking photos of me. Not cool, Euge. Not. Cool.
Euge said, "Pose like you're on the red carpet!" Just look at my natural elegance shining through! Watch out, world! (Seriously though, could my body be any more stiff?)
I look like I should be on a brochure for some community college.
This is dumb.
Even dumber (plus scary, too).
And then the heel of my shoe got caught in the planks on the bridge. Hence, the weird face.
I actually like this one, but it's a little too shadowy.
And this is my favorite! Just love the warm brown hues and the easy smile on my face.  :)
Thanks again, Euge, for a job well done! 

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  1. they could probably touch up the shadowy one. BUt i like the last one too :)