Friday, October 15, 2010

Flashback Friday--Sort of...

Okay, I know I haven't been blogging lately. And I'm still going to use the same (lame) excuse--I've been super busy sprucing up my new apartment and working that I haven't had enough time. However, while I have a few minutes, I want to tell you about one of my new favorite things:

The weekday evening TV line-up on the Hub Network!

I can see by your confused faces that you know not of what I speak. Let me enlighten you. The Hub Network replaced the Discovery Kids Network a few days ago. The Hub targets a dual audience, young children in the daytime with original and acquired children's programs, and families at night with reruns of older television sitcoms, dramas and feature films.

That's right Reruns!

No, not those Reruns.

These Reruns!

8-8:30 p.m.

Family Ties

As you all know, I am a HUGE Family Ties fan. When I was twelve, I would have sold both of my kidneys if it meant I could meet Michael J. Fox. I loved all the other characters, too, especially Michael Gross, who played Mr. Keaton. He was really everything you could ever want in a father--caring, smart, and a good baritone singer with a gift for deadpan comedy. Every time I watched the show, I'd get all warm inside. Which is why I have a lot of the seaons on DVD. I pop an episode in when I've had a rough day, and it washes all the blues away. I also love spotting all the famous guest stars, like Tom Hanks (remember drunk Uncle Ned?), Geena Davis, and Courteney Cox. The only thing left to say is, "What would we dooooo, baby, without uuuuuuussss? Sha-la-la-laaaaaah!"

9:00 p.m.

The Wonder Years

OMG, don't even get me started on how much I adored The Wonder Years. In the summertime, my mom had strict orders to call me inside when this show started so that I wouldn't miss it. It was the one show that I could watch with her and feel like I understood what her childhood was like. And how cute was Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold? I mean, I still want to put that kid version of him in my pocket. His on-again, off-again relationship with the super pretty and sweet Winnie Cooper was so true-to-life and compelling--my heart broke every time one of theirs did! There were a lot of great political episodes as well, which I still can't forget. Last but not least, I'm kind of happy that none of the kids on this show grew up to be druggies or strippers or what-have-you. Fred Savage does a great job directing It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia; Danica McKeller is married with a kid and a math genius, who writes fun, educational books for teen girls with titles like Kiss My Math! And Paul wound up being Marilyn Manson. It's a win-win-win, folks!

9:30 p.m.

Doogie Howser M.D.

Remember when you'd get a good grade in school, and your jealous best friend would say stuff like, "Oh, nice job, Doogie." And then you'd be like, "Shut up." And then she'd be like, "WhatEVER!"

That's about all I can remember about this show. That and the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was the first person on TV to write in his digital diary to the thought-provoking sounds of a Yamaha.

Oh and his sidekick was kind of funny, too. Vinny, right? Ah, it's all a blur. But I love NPH big-time and the fact that his childhood is preserved like this.

To all those Doogies out there in the world, I say, Go on with your bad selves.

10-11 p.m.

Happy Days

There was a time that my sister Luci and I would do nothing but talk about Happy Days. Well, actually, all we talked about was Scott Baio, who played Fonzie's nephew Chachi (I think that means something dirty in Chinese....not 100% sure though). You see, Luci had a rule that we could not have a crush on the same TV character simultaneously. Since she was older than me, that meant I could only have a crush on Scott Baio when she was finished having a crush on Scott Baio. Therefore, I had to have a fake crush on Ron Howard/Richie Cunningham, which was obviously not even remotely as cool as crushing on Scott Baio. Now that the show is back on again, I should probably check with Luci to see if she's over Chachi. Better late than never right?

11:30 p.m.

Laverne & Shirley

This show was billed as "the female Odd Couple." Which is true, but somehow totally underselling the hilarity of Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall. Their brand of wackadoo comedy and on-screen chemistry was off-the-charts. I still LMAO when I watch Laverne and Shirl get into mishap after mishap, or when they say a word like "dumb" or "asinine," then Lenny and Squiggy walk in. It's a stupid gag, but it's also a classic. And classics, my friends, will never die. I also think it was one of the first shows to depict single women, living together, drinking milk & Pepsi together, and never apologizing for it. Sing it with me ladies! "Schlemile, Schlemozzle, Hausenfeffer Incorporated!"

Thank you, Hub Network, for making this girl's dreams come true....for me and yooooooouuuuu!


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  2. The Wonder Years was a great show. I really enjoyed each episode and there is very little that will draw me to a TV set.

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