Friday, September 10, 2010

Flashback Friday--3/9/87

On March 9, 1987:

* Shad Gregory Moss--also known as Lil Bow Wow--was born.

*Irish rock band U2 releases their 5th studio album The Joshua Tree.

*Lethal Weapon debuted at the box office. (Too bad we all missed the crazy look on Mel's face in this poster as a warning sign.)

*Windmills of the Gods by Sidney Sheldon was a New York Times bestselling novel.
I also wrote in my diary that day! Let's see what my 12-year-old self had to say about cheerleading. (I bet you are on the edge of your seat!)
Dear Diary,
LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!!
Sorry for that outburst, but I needed that. We got into THE FINALS at cheerleading!* Let me tell you about it. We really messed up on the first cheer. We were totally freaked after that in line. Mary Beth said, "I wicked messed up." And Heather said, "So did I."*
Then I said, "Just concentrate on the next cheer." (We had only spent 4 days practice on the first cheer.)*
St. Mary's sparkled. They did flips and somersaults and they wowed the judges and the audience. (They got into the finals.)*
On our second cheer, called HOT,* we were FABULOUS! NO MESS UPS! But we didn't think we made it. At the last line up, Rachel and I were up front. We stood absolutely STILL with frozen smiles on our faces.
The announcer started calling out the finalists. First he said, "St. Mary's." Rachel and I and the rest of my team frowned. Next he said, "St. Stanislaus!" Rachel and I looked at each other and screamed. We were jumping and shouting and everything was GREAT!* Then my mom took me and my brother Paul for pizza. I had a fun time.
I have to go and I swear I'll write tomorrow.*
Your friend,
PS: I <3 ???*
*I joined the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) cheerleading squad in the 6th grade because my older sister Luci was a cheerleader and I wanted to do everything she did, which was 1) be pretty; 2) be popular; and 3) talk with cute boys. (Think Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, only a lot nicer) At first, I thought becoming a cheerleader would transform me into a Luci-clone, but no dice. Luci's fantastic qualities had to do with being Luci, and putting on a short skirt and waving pom-poms around was not going to help dig me out of the geek gutter. I was good at cheerleading, though--good enough to make into THE FINALS.
*I do not remember Mary Beth or Heather. They sort of blend into one skinny, feather-haired girl. Wherever they are, I hope they remember this fateful day in detail.
*I like how I portray myself as some pillar of calm during this "wicked" freak out. And why were we doing a cheer that we only spent 4 days on? That's pretty risky if you ask me. I blame the coaches.
*While I can't remember any of these cheerleaders individually, I do remember them collectively, especially the St. Mary's squad. This team of girls were all wannabe Kristie Phillips--most of them had a gymnastics backgrounds and incorporated handsprings into their routines while the rest of us losers could only do cartwheels and the occasional split. Every year St. Mary's went to THE FINALS and won first place. I kid you not. Except for the year that St. Stanislaus won, when Luci was on the squad, of course!
*Yeah, that's right. Our second cheer was called HOT. Take that, St. Mary's!
*I still remember the amazing feeling of the announcer calling our name and having a huge spaz attack with my teammates. We were literally jumping up and down and squealing like we'd won the actual championship, and not just a chance to compete in THE FINALS. There were two divisions of the CYO--the West and the East (kind of like the hip hop rivalry). Three squads from each division were picked for the big cheer-off, and the competition was fierce. Unfortunately, we didn't even place in THE FINALS, but I do keep that spaz moment in my heart forever, because they just don't make 'em like that anymore.
*I did not write "tomorrow" as promised. My next entry wasn't until June 4. What a slacker!
*This is one of the few entries in my journal where no boys or crushes were mentioned. I am relieved to know I had at least one other interest.
Hope you come back for more flashback shenanigans next Friday!

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  1. In an amazing show of early-life feminism, I was a cheerleader at Good Counsel Academy (also a Catholic school, obviously) also at the age of 12, for the all-girls basketball team. The only cheer I can remember was called, "Be Aggressive", which I believe could give HOT a run for it's money (I laughed out loud when I read about your cheer). Neither of these cheers sounds like something Catholic school girls should be chanting, by the way. Please keep flashback Fridays coming.